“I used to think working out had to be a chore, but not since trying ROX Life! I look forward to coming to the studio!”


The ROX Studio ensures you leave feeling strong no matter where you’re at with your fitness journey.

With over 60 classes per week in a range of signature ROX class styles – Choose your favourite or mix them up, find your ROX workout flow with our jam-packed studio timetable.


The original ROX Concept.

RIDE: BEATS is our high-energy, full body spin class like no other. We’re the best for a reason! 

This 45-minute stationary bike class will have you sweating through freeing sprints, powerful climbs and plenty of choreographed routines keeping your muscles guessing and working HARD! Plus use hand-weights to work your biceps, triceps and shoulders.


RIDE: TORQUE: where explosive power, fitness endurance and a whole lot of focus and motivation comes into play! 

This 45-minute stationary bike class has been designed to push you to your limits through fast paced flat roads, rolling mountains of powerful climbs and plenty of downhill sprints.

You’ll be motivated throughout with our killer playlists and inspiring ROX Instructors – providing you with the ultimate spin class experience! Think you’ve got what it takes?


Take on our next-level BOX class in our underground studio for the ultimate blend of boxing, strength and cardio! This isn’t a boxercise class… 

In this 45-minute high-intensity class you’ll be put through your paces and leave you feeling powerful!

Each class will have you switching between bag work and floor work, keeping your body and mind on it’s toes! Smash out multiple boxing combo’s on our individual high-tech aqua boxing bags and build strength in our full-body weight-based workouts on our benches.  

Expect high-energy vibes, flashing lights and killer killer playlists!


If you’re wanting to find that next level of fitness, maximise changes in your body, train for a fitness event or just BOSS life then SWITCH is the workout you need!

SWITCH is a high energy, metcon workout, which combines strength, cardio and the latest heart rate tech to get you fitter, faster.  

As the name suggests, the kit and exercises will be changed up every week so not only will you never know what you’re walking into, you body won’t either. 

5 Stations, 2 Rounds and 1 Incredible Workout.


Our full body workout is designed to make you a stronger and more athletic ROXstar. With a mixture of weights and body weight movements, we focus on time-under-tension, resistance and explosive strength moves, our Strength class will challenge the body and leave you feeling victorious.

Arms, Arse and Abs

Tone those arms, build that booty, and shred those abs! Our tailored strength workout is designed to target those three areas to greater effect. Isolating muscle groups, feel the burn as we focus on form and technique to strengthen the body.


BODYPUMP is a fast-paced, barbell-based workout that is specifically designed to help you get lean, toned and fit. It uses a combination of motivating music, fantastic instructors and scientifically proven moves to help you achieve these targets more quickly than you would working out on your own.


From powerful warriors to savasana finishers, our 45 minute Vinyasa Flow classes are designed to freely take you through a flow of muscle toning poses to help create a peaceful journey through the class.  Improve balance, posture and breathing technique, guided by our amazing ROX practitioners.  

Stretch & Flow

Want the yoga style class without the ‘yogi’? Stretch & Flow takes flows from our Vinyasa and creates a workout designed to stretch and lengthen muscle groups hard hit by day to day life and incorporates a focus on core based movements so you aren’t feeling too much like a ‘yogi’ as you work through your flow.


Our Dynamic Mat Pilates class focuses on mindful movement with an emphasis on breath, control, precision & flow. These core principles combined with an added layer of intensity with functional movement exercise improves core strength and toning, and mobility and stability for joint health & stronger muscles.


Combining running with body weight functional training and coached by our professional running trainers. ROX Run is a great way to improve your running distance, technique and run in a pack with other ROXstars in an outdoor environment. ROX Run meet at the studio and depart from there.


Workout outside by the sea with our ROX trainers delivering a variety of classes including Bodypump, Arms, Arse & Abs, Bootcamps, Yoga, Pilates, plus more. Our classes are setup up and meet on the beautiful Hove lawns (opposite Brunswick Square) where all equipment is provided for you. We’ll even supply silent disco headphones for some classes where you can completely zone out from the outside noise, listen to the beat of the music, enjoy the view and fully immerse yourself in the workout.


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Box, Bootcamp, Fortis, PT

The Co-founder of ROX, Alex doesn’t do half measures. You will get 100% energy, 100% pumping music and 100% awful dancing as he electrifies the room through his boxing combos, full body workouts and immense encouragement throughout the class.

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Ride, Strength, Bodypump, Fortis, PT

Allan is always on the hunt for the dirtiest remix, latest drop & floor fillers.

He will challenge & champion you to become your fittest strongest self.

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Ride, Bootcamp, PT

Barry is a dedicated, professional and reliable trainer. He loves teaching group fitness and one to one sessions, and takes great pleasure in helping to change peoples lives.

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Ex-public relations director turned yoga teacher, Briony is here to help support her students on the crazy journey that is life.

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Ride, Pilates, Fortis, PT

Catriona’s classes aim to keep a fun inclusive environment; providing cheeky challenges for every individual, but always moving in a safe & efficient way, leaving you energised, & feeling awesome about the way you move.

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Ride, Bootcamp, Fortis, PT

With an infectious energy, Christina creates an atmosphere that is welcoming & motivating.

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Having done over 1400 classes as a member, Emma believes RIDE is as good for the mind as it is for the body. She’s always working out with you on that bike – if you’re finding it hard, guaranteed she is too! No matter your experience, expect big smiles, high energy and a banging work out.

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Box, Strength–AA&A, PT

In Gaby’s classes you can expect high energy and banging tunes as well as a great workout that will leave you in a state of euphoria and craving your next fix.

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Old school raver long since retired. Loved ROX Life so much that she became a pro. Expect Big tuneage, big energy and pinch of dirty techno thrown in for good measure.

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Ride, Stretch & Flow

Upbeat classes with banging tunes and relatable inspiration. Izz is here to motivate and empower you to enjoy exercise!

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Box, PT

Having competed in the ring Jordan likes to bring rawness to his classes with an energetic vibe. Expect sick beats and motivating energy. You’ll be pushed to the final bell while he is still smiling.

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Bodypump, ROX Run, PT

If you have a love of positive energy combined with strength, running and functional training then Julia is the person to help you reach both your mental and physical goals.

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Ride, PT

Max believes in leading by example. If he is sweating, he expects you to be too. The classes are made to be hard, utilising your time efficiently.

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AAA, BOX, Strength

Olivia loves cake just as much as she loves burpees, but unfortunately you won’t see much cake in her classes…that’s one for the ROX suggestion box 😉

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Millie roxlife



Millie brings a fiery energy to the studio.

She will push you to complete that extra rep, and install the confidence you need to add more weight on your bar.

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Nick is a keen surfer and snowboarder but when he is not on the board, he can be found playing the biggest beats at ROX.

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Ride, Strength–AA&A, Bootcamp

Olly loves a boogie on the bike or on the studio floor. With a smile constantly on her face, don’t be fooled, as she knows how to crank up the volume and resistance whilst keeping it accessible to all!

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Ride, Bootcamp, Fortis

Richard works hard to get the best out of you, whatever type of day you’ve had you will leave feeling fitter, happier and definitely sweater than before.

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I coach my classes to help you feel happy, uplifted and proud. My philosophy is have fun and the rest takes care of itself.

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Baroline ROXLIFE


Ride, Bootcamp, PT

Baroline’s classes help make goals a reality, they help boost endorphins and feel good factor in a fun and motivational way.

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Having done over 1400 classes as a member, Emma believes RIDE is as good for the mind as it is for the body. She’s always working out with you on that bike – if you’re finding it hard, guaranteed she is too! No matter your experience, expect big smiles, high energy and a banging work out.

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