SWITCH is a high energy strength and conditioning workout that is focused around metabolic conditioning, Metcon.

The body has different metabolic pathways that produce energy and Metcon training is anything that increases the efficiency of those pathways, commonly referred to as energy systems. In short, metabolic conditioning involves work and rest intervals that train the body’s energy systems more efficiently,

During a metcon workout, you moderately to intensely exert yourself for a set amount of time, before a short rest and going again.

The workout uses strength equipment and functional movements that prepare you for everyday life. Combined with the conditioning element, it also makes performing daily tasks like walking up stairs or moving objects much easier to do without you feeling exhausted.

If you’re wanting to find that next level of fitness, maximise changes in your body, train for a fitness event or just BOSS life then SWITCH is the workout you need!

5 switch stations
2 rounds of work
1 incredible workout

Are you ready to SWITCH?

Heart rate monitor info

In SWITCH we have partnered with SPIVI who are the leading digital solution for boutique fitness studios. You will notice we now have two TV’s set up in studio two which will show the work out and the heart rate zones that you and other participants are working in. 

We will be renting out Wahoo Tickr heart rate monitors to all SWITCH participants (this is optional). If you have your own heart rate monitor, please enter the heart rate ID on the SPIVI page on the ROX life app (present logo). If you do not know your ID then head to reception and we can find it out for you. Once you have linked your heart rate monitor to your account it will automatically link to SPIVI for every SWITCH class. 

Below are instructions on how to pair your Apple and Android Watches as they have a slightly different process. If you need any help please don’t hesitate to email us on hello@roxlife.co.uk.