small group training. with no limits.

The sky is not the limit; it’s just the beginning.

Our Limitless Small Group Training Programs are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what you thought was achievable. Whether you’re looking to build strength, increase endurance, or enhance overall fitness, we’ve got you covered.
Find out more on how to reach your peak potential.
Small Group Training at ROX Life


Experience the ultimate transformation with our two Limitless Small Group Training Programs.
LIFT: will supercharge your strength & power, inside & out, or take on PERFORM: designed to boost your stamina & resilience with strength & conditioning, whilst empowering you to conquer life’s challenges.
Select one program or combine them to get the ultimate upgrade in your fitness journey.
Choose your path to unlock your full potential. There is no limit, this is just the beginning.

limitless small group training explained.

Our team of experienced ROX trainers are committed to your success. They’ll provide expert guidance, personalised workouts, and continuous support to ensure you reach your peak performance.

Train alongside like-minded individuals who share your dedication to fitness, the ROX way.

We understand that everyone has unique fitness goals. That’s why we tailor our programs to meet your individual needs.

LIFT is our small group weights-based workout designed to improve strength & resilience both physically & mentally.

In our LIFT Program you will be expertly coached to lift heavy with outstanding technique, whilst progressing each week to hit your peak. Consistency is key with LIFT.

With a structured weight-based program you’ll be challenged each week to be your ultimate best. Our LIFT Program uses specialised kit, used solely for Small Group Training. 

Upgrade your training at ROX with our LIFT Program.

PERFORM: is our small group fitness-based workout designed to push your stamina, resilience & leave you feeling empowered to reach your peak performance.

Condition your muscles, improve technique, build resistance against fatigue & build on your fitness levels to be your best.

Each session will use aerobic & muscular endurance training techniques with a combination of strength based exercises to improve on your cardiovascular function level.

See continued improved progression in your physical performance, ideal to use in a range of cross-training classes & sports.

Our current availability has 1-hour slots morning, lunch time & evenings. These are first come first served, please enquire about our current availability. 

Each session is 1 hour long & the program runs for 4-weeks, which you can keep renewing to progress & challenge yourself. There is no limits with Small Group Training.