Can you own the room?

Can you challenge a person’s limits and push them further?

Can you connect, empower and inspire a movement, igniting a fire and keeping it burning for 45 minutes?

If you can do all that, keep reading… we’re looking for you!


You must be passionate about fitness & well-being, have (or are willing to get) qualifications in at least one of our three concepts and naturally want to motivate and inspire those around you.

At ROX we do things differently. We don’t follow, we lead. With 4 concepts – Ride, Strength, Box & Flow – we are looking for outstanding individuals to lead these heart pumping classes. We want each member to enter our studio feeling at ease and leave with the thought “f*** me, that was good!”

Unlike other gyms and studios, our framework allows you freedom within your classes whilst maintaining our brand structure. Design your own playlists, create your own choreography and most importantly bring your own dazzling personality.

We want ROX to be an honest brand in its experience, results and staff interaction. A big part of the role supports the social aspect of the journey. From greeting members by name before each class and motivating them personally throughout, to post-class high-fives and selfies for the ‘gram. Each interaction with one of our ROXSTARS should be another reason for our members to come again.

If this gets your toes wiggling, get in touch via the form below!

Or, send a CV to HELLO@ROXLIFE.CO.UK with a short paragraph telling us why you’re our new ROXSTAR, and something about you that will catch our eye.