Where your commitment and our support gets you real results.

The ROX Life way.

your commitment, our support =real results.

Coming to the ROX Life studios this January, upgrade your training with BODYROX.

Match your personal fitness goals with one of our three bespoke programmes and you’ll get the support from a dedicated ROX Trainer and heaps more benefits.

Find out more & get real results, the ROX Life way.

Whether you’re looking to grow strength, increase your fitness levels or shape up for 2023, choose from our three programmes: Strength, Shred or Stamina to smash your 2024 goals.

Booking opens on 26th December, simply add-on to your current membership or sessions and we’ll match you with your own dedicated ROX Trainer in January.

Bodyrox explained.

BODYROX isn’t just a fitness programme; it’s a commitment to real results. 

Choose from our specialised Strength, Stamina, or Shred programmes and experience the unparalleled support of a dedicated ROX Trainer, seamlessly integrated with your existing sessions or membership.

Whether it’s transforming challenges into triumphs with newfound strength, shaping your body for confidence, or boosting aerobic endurance, BODYROX is your path to real results, the ROX Life way.

Read the added benefits below:

Choose from Strength, Stamina or Shred. You’ll get a BODYROX Booklet to keep on top of your progress and a chance to reflect.

Over 12 weeks, each programme prioritises your success with your own personal dedicated ROX Trainer who schedules in your 3 ROX classes, depending on your bespoke programme. Your trainer will also provide essential trackable metrics such as your personal confidence in both body and mind, your sleep quality, resting heart rate, and the option to monitor your body measurements. – Whilst keeping you accountable and supported throughout.

STRENGTH: In addition to the above, you’ll get tailored trackable strength benchmarks adapted to your individual skill level, and we’ll track your class weights, ensuring you see tangible improvements throughout the programme. Unleash your strength.

STAMINA: dedicated to enhancing both your physical and mental endurance, challenge yourself with multiple aerobic endurance tests, tailored to your skill level, ensuring continuous progress. Stamina allows you to do more, be more, in both your classes and everyday life. Elevate your endurance.

SHRED:  with a higher level of accountability including more touch points with your ROX Trainer keeping you progressing. Track your body measurements, your clothes fit and how your confidence is growing with each class. The ultimate accountability this January. Reshape your confidence.

Our BODYROX Programmes run for 12-weeks – the ideal time to form new positive habits for a better and brighter future. 

BODYROX has a limited availability and new programmes start on each Monday in January. First Programme: Monday 8th January.

Our booking closes on 31st January, or earlier depending on demand.

Book your BODYROX Programme here. £50 per month, or £120 for the full 12-weeks upfront. 

To really upgrade your training, try BODYROX+

Choose one of our three BODYROX Programmes and add on Small Group Training to your plan as BODYROX+

Our SGT Programmes are designed for the ultimate personalised training with small groups of like-minded people. Building that support community at ROX which we love. Choose from LIFT or PERFORM and add to any of our BODYROX Programmes.

To start, buy your BODYROX Programme and email to upgrade to BODYROX+ where we’ll book you in for SGT.